What is Picsome?

Picsome is an online shop for royalty free designs for surface, textile, fabric, prints and patterns. You can buy designs from our collection for your personal and commercial use.

What is a standard license?

Standard license also known as non-exclusive license allows buyer to produce up to 3000 items for resale, items may  include clothing, t-shirts, homeware, stationery, accessories, postcards and other commercial merchandise. You also can use this design for promotional materials such as posters, web banners, trade show banners, flyers, etc.

What is the difference between standard license and premium license?

Standard license does not provide you an exclusive rights for usage, this means that other companies may also buy this design and use it for their products. Also standard license has limits on production quantity, you cannot produce more than a three thousands (3000)  items of your product.

Premium license provides the buyer of the design with an exclusive rights on usage and unlimited production of items with this design. Premium license designs are sold on an exclusive basis- once a design is sold it is instantly removed from the site, so it cannot be sold to other companies. Premium license does not have limits in quantity of produced items, the buyers of the design with premium license can produce as many items with this design, as they need.

I purchased a standard license design, but I want to produce more than three thousands items, what should I do?

You can purchase this design once more and it will grant you permission to produce more items.

I am a surface and textile designer, and I want to join your team, are you hiring?

Unfortunately we do not have open positions right now. Please send your resume to daria@picsome.ca, and we will keep it for later.

I bought a design at Picsome, may I change colors?

Yes. Any buyer of design with either standard or premium license can change the colors of the design to their desired color palette.

I bought a design at Picsome with a premium license, May I sell my mugs with this design as a “print on demand” product?

Unfortunately not, this is strictly prohibited. Picsome designs cannot be sold on any print-on-demand sites, this includes Society6, RedBubble, Threadless, Etsy, PinkBus, Zazzle, Spoonflower and others. You are allowed to sell “print on demand” mugs, only if you own this print on demand service / company / production, from your own  Shop (online or physical).

I have bought a pattern, may I use its elements?

Yes, you can use this pattern as a pattern, or its single elements, or create secondary patterns from elements of the original designs under its License agreement.

Do I need to have an account here?

You can explore our collection of prints without registration, but if you want to purchase a design you will need to create an account. It is also allows you to create a “likebox”, to save your favorite designs for future use, or for building a collection.

What is a “likebox”?

It is a box for the designs you like. It works like a virtual pin board, where you can pin, save and store your favorite designs for future use, or for building a collection

How to use Picsome?

Explore our prints and designs by using tags for search or categories, save it to your “likebox” (you may want to register to use this feature). Once your favorite designs are found, you can purchase them.

What payment systems can I use?

All our transactions go through Paypal. You can pay by any major credit card, you do not need to have a Paypal account to use it.

What is refund and return policy at Picsome?

All sales at Picsome are final once the designs have been purchased and downloaded. In case you received a damaged file, please notify us by email daria@picsome.ca and we will provide a replacement file within ten (10) business days.

When I purchased the design, what type of file will I receive?

There are two types of files in our collection: .jpg and vector.
If you purchase a vector file, you will receive an EPS/AI file, which can be opened in editor programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.
If you purchase a raster file, you will receive a JPEG image 5000 by 5000 with 300 dpi. This file can be opened in editor programs such as Adobe Photoshop.
We do not provide layered PSD files on the website due to the size, but if you need a layered file, send us an email request to daria@picsome.ca, and we will transfer it to you within ten (10) business days via dropbox or google drive.

Are all Picsome patterns are seamless?

Yes, all the patterns you see on Picsome are seamless.

I want to make my own fabric with your design (via Spoonflower) and create a collection of sportswear, which I plan to sell on Etsy, can I do that?

Yes, you can print the fabric for you projects on Spoonflower, however, if you upload Picsome’s design on Spoonflower, you are not allowed to make it visible, or available for sale for other users of Spoonflowers. After you make your sportswear collection you may sell the physical items on Etsy, or any other shop as physical items, but not as a digital file.

If you have not found your answer here, please contact Daria Rosen at daria@picsome.ca and she will respond in 48 hours.

If you have not found your answer here, please contact Daria Rosen at daria@picsome.ca and she will respond in 48 hours.